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DIY Corbel Shelf

Here's a super-easy, elegant accent shelf you can make in an afternoon.


  1. 1 Shelf board - 1” high x 6” deep - cut it to the length that will fit best in you home
  2. 2  Corbels (SY-CA-162 Birch)
  3. ¾” Rope Molding 
  4. Mitre bond glue
  5. Paint

Cut rope molding the length of front and sides of shelf board and cut a 45 degree angle on each end. Apply with mitre bond glue to avoid splitting.

We used blue paint as a base coat on the corbels, rope and shelf. Let dry thoroughly then lightly apply white chalk paint to the corbels, rope and board, careful not to get down in the grooves so that the blue paint will show through. Allow to dry.

Align the 2 corbels flush against the back of the shelf board so it will hang flush against the wall and secure with 1-1/2” brad nails. Larger shelf board may need to be supported with the L brackets. Shelf can be hung on wall with hangers that are already on the corbels. 

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The basket weave design style in interior architecture became popular in 14th century Europe and involves the plaiting of wooden slats, interwoven to resemble a basket.

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